A volume that brings light into
the Catholic Church's darkness

Sexual abuse of minors by representatives of the Catholic Church is intensively discussed in Germany and has also been scientifically investigated since 2018.
Birgit Aschmann compiles the current state of research from various disciplines (history, education, law, psychology). Thus, it becomes clear which specifics the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has and which internal church and social conditional factors enable the misconduct of the clergy.


Ikonologie Band 2


November 2, 2021

DIALOG-Preis 2021

We congratulate Hans Henning Hahn and Robert Traba on the DIALOG-Preis 2021.

November 2, 2021

Award for Katarzyna Woniak

Katarzyna Woniak is this year´s winner of the Jerzy-Giedroyc-Award.