Aleksandr M. Gorčakov and
the Reformation of the Tsardom

A. M. Gorčakov, a politician and diplomat known beyond Russia's borders, was confronted with the task of restoring power and prestige to the regime after Russia's fatal defeat in the Crimean War. Horst Günther Linke presents the first comprehensive biography of the statesman compiled from sources, for which he was also able to access previously unreleased material from Russian archives.


Ikonologie Band 2


August 17, 2020

Czempiel Prize for Kerstin von Lingen

The historian Kerstin von Lingen receives the Czempiel-Prize for the best postdoctoral monograph in peace research for her work "Crimes against Humanity" published by Ferdinand Schöningh.

August 4, 2020

Neue Lektorin für Theologie

Dr. Martina Kayser übernimmt das Lektorat für Theologie und Religion im Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh.