Annex 2 Gypsy/Roma Journals and Newspapers

In: Roma Voices in History
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Austro-Hungarian Empire

Journal Magyar Zenészek Lapja. Cigányzenészek Közlönye [Hungarian Musicians’ Journal. Gypsy Musicians’ Bulletin]. Edition of the Hungarian Gypsy Musicians’ Association. Edited by Henrik Miskolczi and Elemér Márkus. Budapest. No. 1, July 15, 1901. In Hungarian.

Journal Magyar Czigányzenészek Lapja. A magyar czigányzenészek érdekeit felölelő társadalmi folyóirat [Hungarian Gypsy Musicians’ Journal. A social periodical encompassing the interests of Hungarian Gypsy Musical Society]. Edition of Hungarian Gypsy Musicians’ Association. Edited by Miksa Breyer, Lajos Hegedüs and Ferkó Vörös. Budapest. No. 1, May 1, 1908. 1908-1910 (no more data). In Hungarian.


Newspaper Светилник [Candelabrum]. Newspaper of the Evangelical Baptist Mission among Gypsies in Bulgaria. Lom. Edited by pastor Petar Minkov. An. 1, No. 1, January 15, 1927. In Bulgarian. Supplement Романо алав (Roma Word) in Romani language.

Newspaper Bulletin of the Gipsies Mission in Bulgaria: Народът, който се нуждае от просвета чрез Eвангелието [Bulletin of the Gypsies Mission in Bulgaria. A Nation that needs Enlightenment through the Gospel]. Sofia. No. 1, September, 1932. In Bulgarian.

Newspaper Известия на Циганската евангелска мисия [Bulletin of the Gypsy Evangelical Mission]. Sofia. No data for No.No. 1, 2; No. 3, June 3, 1933. In Bulgarian.

Newspaper Тербие [Upbringing]. Newspaper of the Mohammedan National Cultural and Educational Organisation. Edited by Sh. M. Pashev. From No. 6: Newspaper of the Common Mohammedan National Cultural and Educational Union in Bulgaria. Editorial Board: Shakir Makhmudov Pashev, Asen Gogov and Demir Yasharov. Sofia. No data for No.No. 1, 3, 4, 5; No. 2, February 27, 1933; No. 7, May 6, 1934. In Bulgarian.


Journal Mailman kiertäjä [World Traveller]. Journal of the Gypsy Mission. Editor: Oskari Jalkio. Tampere. Special Christmas Issue, 1906. In Finnish.

Journal Kiertolainen [Traveller]. Journal of the Gypsy Mission. Editor: Oskari Jalkio. Tampere and Helsinki. 1907-1929. 1907: 13 issues; 1908, 1909, 1910: 9 issues; 1911: 8 issues; 1912: 5 issues; 1913, 1914: 4 issues; 1915, 1920, 1923, 1925, 1927, 1929: 1 issue. In Finnish.


Journal Magyar Cigányzenészek Lapja. A Magyar Cigányzenészek Országos Egyesületének hivatalos szakközlönye [Gypsy Musicians’ Journal. The journal of the Hungarian Gypsy Musicians’ National Association]. Edited by Jenő Járosi. Budapest. No. 1, 1924. 1924-1931 (no more data). In Hungarian.

Journal Magyar Cigányzene. A Magyar Cigányzenészek Országos Szövetségének hivatalos lapja [Journal Hungarian Gypsy Music. The official journal of the Hungarian Gypsy Musicians’ National Federation]. Edited by Béla Mázor. Budapest. No. 1, August, 1938. In Hungarian.

Ottoman Empire

Newspaper Laço [Good]. Humorous newspaper published for the moment once a week, serving the interests of the fatherland and the Ottoman nation. Edited by Emin Resa. Edirne. No.No. 1-2, February 19 and February 25, 1910. In Ottoman Turkish and Romani Languages.


Newspaper Timpul [The Time]. Newspaper of Gypsies in Romania / Newspaper of the Roma from Romania. From No. 1: Independent Weekly Newspaper. From No.No. 24-25: The Newspaper of Gypsies in Romania. From No. 41: The Official Paper of Roma in Romania. Director/Owner: Aurel Th. Manolescu-Dolj. Craiova. No.No. 1-71 (1932-1940). In Romanian.

Newspaper Glasul Romilor [The Voice of the Roma]. Newspaper of the General Roma Union of Romania. Director: Gheorghe Niculescu. Bucharest. No.No. 1-15 (1934-1941). In Romanian.

Newspaper Neamul Țigănesc [The Gypsy People]. Newspaper for the uplifting of Gypsies (Roma) and for information. Director/Editor: Naftanailă Lazăr. Calbor, Făgăraș County. No.No. 1-3 (1934-1935). In Romanian.

Newspaper O Rom [The Rom]. Newspaper for the Cultural Guiding and Social Claims of Roma in Romania. Directors: N. St. Ionescu and Marin I. Simion, Craiova. No.No. 1-2 (1934). In Romanian.

Newspaper Foaia poporului romesc [The Paper of the Roma People]. Cultural, Social and Economic Newspaper of Roma. Director: Gheorghe Frunzea. Rupea, Târnava-Mare County. No. 1 (1935). In Romanian.

Newspaper Țara Noastră [Our Country]. Special Weekly Newspaper for Roma in Romania. Editors: Archimandrite Calinic I. Popp Șerboianu and George A. Lăzurică. Bucharest, No.No. 1-6 (1937). In Romanian.


Journal Романы зоря [Gypsy Dawn]. Moscow. Editorial Board (no names) at the People’s Commissariat for Education of the RSFSR. No. 1, November, 1927; No. 2, 1929; No. 3-4, August, 1930. In Romani language.

Journal Нэво дром [New Way]. Moscow: Tsentrizdat (Central Publishing House of the Peoples of the USSR) [An. 1, No. 1 – An. 1, No. 10]; Uchpedgizo (State Pedagogical Publishing House of the People’s Commissariat of Education of the RSFSR) [An. 1, No. 11 – An. 3, No. 7]. Editorial Board: Executive Editor Andrey S. Taranov (from An. 3, No. 1 – Andreyo S. Taranovo) et al. An. 1: No. 1, August, 1930; No. 2, September, 1930; No. 3, October, 1930; No. 4-5, November – December, 1930. An. 2: No. 1, January, 1931; No. 2, February, 1931No. 3, March, 1931; No. 4-5, April – May, 1931; No. 6, June, 1931; No. 7, July, 1931; No. 8, August, 1931; No. 9-10, September – October, 1931; No. 11-12, November – December, 1931. An. 3: No. 1, January, 1932; No. 2-3, February – March, 1932; No. 4, April, 1932; No. 5, May, 1932; No. 6, June, 1932); No. 7, July, 1932. In Romani language.

Newspaper Пало большевистско колхозо [About the Bolshevik’s Kolkhoz]. Mineralnye Vody. No. 1, May 24, 1934 (Editorial Board: [I.] Tokmakovo, [?] Yustoso, [M.] Bezlyudsko); No. 2, August 22, 1934 (Editorial Board: Yustoso, [N.] Pankovo, [M.] Bezlyudsko). In Romani language.

Newspaper Сталинцо [Stalinist]. Mineralnye Vody. No. 3 (137), October 5, 1935. Editorial Board: [I.] Tokmakovo, [?] Yustoso, [M.] Bezlyudsko. In Romani language.


Newspaper Romano lil. Циганске новине [Roma Newspaper (in Romani language). Gypsy Newspaper (in Serbian)]. Editor in cheif Svetozar Simić. Jatagan mala, Beograd. No. 1, March 1935; No. 2, 30 April 1935; No. 3, 31 May 1935. In Serbian with texts in Romani language.