Chapter 7 Political Participation in the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation

in The Kaliningrad Region

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This publication presents the types and significance of political participation of the residents of the Kaliningrad Region. The data presented was collected using the desk research method. The level at which people participate in politics depends on many contexts. Individual features such as gender, age, education, as well as historical, cultural and economic considerations are taken into account. The geographical location and traditions of the region are also important. Therefore, political participation in the Kaliningrad Region seems to be an interesting subject and requires in-depth research. A significant aspect for the research seems to be the forms of conventional and unconventional participation which citizens most willingly or least willingly exercise, and which institutional barriers they face. Given the exclave with such a diverse and multicultural society, a unique image of the regional and local community is in place.

The Kaliningrad Region

A Specific Enclave in Contemporary Europe


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