War and Art

The Portrayal of Destruction and Mass Violence


The present volume provides a critical insight into the relationship of art and war. It shows how artists perceive war and how they depict it, to warn the spectator but to cure their own trauma at the same time.
War causes destruction, loss, and trauma. Many artists have used their art to express feelings and memories related to these losses and their own traumatic experiences. The artwork that came into existence due to such processes reflects on events of our past, but should be considered a warning at the same time. To deal with human suffering means to fully engage with the artist remains of human war experiences. The present volume aims to provide a critical insight into the relationship between art and war, showing how artists dealt with human losses, destruction, and personal trauma.

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Frank Jacob is Professor of Global History at Nord Universitet, Norway.
Mor Presiado is a lecturer in the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.