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Akteure der deutschen Kolonialtechnik in Afrika und Europa 1890–1943
Author: Sebastian Beese
Der Glaube an die Segnungen, aber auch die Zwangsläufigkeit des technischen Fortschritts entwickelte sich in der Phase des Hochimperialismus zu einer wirkmächtigen Ideologie, von der auch deutsche Ingenieure profitierten.
Das Buch legt den Schwerpunkt der Analyse auf die ehemaligen Kolonien Deutsch Ost- und Deutsch-Südwestafrika. Der Fokus liegt dabei auf der Gruppe der technischen Experten, die mit dem Bau von Eisenbahnen, Straßen und Häfen einen entscheidenden Anteil an der Machtsicherung, Erschließung und Ausbeutung der Kolonien hatten. Neben der Exotik, monetären Anreizen sowie dem Prestige, das eine Tätigkeit in Afrika versprach, zog es Ingenieure vor allem aufgrund einer speziellen „Ideologie der Erschließung“ in die sogenannten Schutzgebiete. Die spezielle Gruppenidentität als Kolonialingenieure, die sich in der Folge herausbildete, lässt sich in Artikeln und Vorträgen bis in die 1940er Jahre nachweisen und wirkte sich selbst noch auf die Ansätze der frühen Entwicklungshilfe aus.
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The paper aims at providing some introductory insights in the project of a theological anthropology of the digital age. The objective is to show that theological anthropology can help us gain an original and valid perspective on the technological transformation we have been experiencing during the last few decades. In order to do so, it is not enough to underline the analogy between some sources of the Judeo-Christian tradition and some aspects of the so-called digital culture. Instead, the objective is to show that theology can offer some theoretical instruments able to offer a deeper insight in our condition. The paper starts from the notion of finitude, interpreted as a blessing and not as a “limit” of our nature. Through the distinction between Promethean and Epimethan approaches to technology, the text focuses on three core aspects of human finitude: corporeality, inner life and otherness.

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In: Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society
Authors: Ben Noble and Nikolay Petrov


Although 4 July 2020 saw the coming into force of constitutional changes in Russia, this was far from the end of the story. Most clearly, these changes to the 1993 constitution required implementation, including through amendments to, and the writing of new pieces of, federal legislation. In part, this process was the mundane work of legal bureaucrats, tweaking and creating many pieces of legislation to reflect the new constitutional text. But the implementation process also reveals much more about the broader constitutional reform project. This article reviews the implementation process, discussing its complexity, the improvisation shown when fleshing out certain new constitutional details, its relationship with other political developments, and the chasm laid bare between Putin’s promise of the rebalancing of power in his 15 January 2020 Address to the Federal Assembly versus the reality of reform in practice.

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In: Russian Politics
In: Kirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch - 103 und 104 Jahrgang 2019/2020
A Sourcebook
Volume Editors: Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov
This ground-breaking book is an impressively extensive collection of primary historical sources in various languages that reflect the history of the Roma (formerly referred to as ‘Gypsies’ in local languages). The selection of the included materials reflects the authentic voice of the Roma them - selves, and presents their visions and the specific goals pursued by the Roma civic emancipation movement. The source materials are published in original and translated in English, and are accompanied by explanatory notes and summarising comments discussing the specific historical realities and their interrelation to the Romani emancipatory movement in Central and Eastern Europe, thus presenting a comprehensive picture of the historical processes.
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