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Editor-in-Chief: Cameron Ross
Russian Politics (RUPO) is an international, peer-reviewed journal examining the scholarship of intersections between on the one hand, Russian studies, and on the other hand Politics, Law, Economics and Russian history. This journal will feature a diverse range of perspectives through its editorial board in order to encourage a transnational and global study of Russian Politics. This approach involves the study of Russian politics as a broad system of human experience, social changes, statecraft and global political tendencies, which enhances the authentic value of the journal among those already existing. The professional composition of the editorial board which is represented by editors insistently assigned for their expertise in this field of science and politics will guarantee qualitatively good contributions to each volume of RUPO.
The journal’s focus on a broad definition of Russian politics copes with the demand of global scholarship which finds itself confronted with different social, cultural and legal meanings of politics and statecraft in and of the Russian Federation. This approach allows for contributions concerned with Russian politics in different times and places, inside and outside the national borders of the Russian Federation, which clearly relates to the political situation the country is situated in after the decline of the Soviet Union.
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Lithuanian Historical Studies (LHS) is an academic peer-reviewed English-language periodical journal, published annually by the Lithuanian Institute of History. Its aim is to progress and disseminate historical research on Central and Eastern Europe, with special focus on Lithuania and the neighbouring states.
Even though most of the published studies cover political, social, religious, economic and cultural topics, yet the journal welcomes submission of innovative and multidisciplinary research. Besides the scientific articles, the LHS also publishes new or little-known source material, book reviews and notices, abstracts of the defended dissertations in history in Lithuania, and other relevant material.
All submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process, based on double-blind refereeing by a minimum of two specialist referees. The accepted articles that were submitted in Lithuanian are translated into English at the journal’s expense.
Open Access
A Journal of Russian Culture
Experiment, an annual journal devoted to Russian culture, focuses on the movements of the early twentieth century. These include both traditional and non-traditional avenues of academic enquiry, such as studio painting and graffiti, sculpture and ballroom dancing, architecture and commercial advertising. It is hoped that broader examination of such disciplines within critical discourse will provide a stronger and more precise definition of Russia's cultural accomplishment. Supervised by an editorial board of international stature, Experiment emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing upon archival sources while promoting and documenting the history of the Russian arts. The journal recognizes the achievements both of Imperial and Soviet Russia and of the diaspora.

Prepared by a guest editor or editors, each volume of Experiment consists of essays treating a particular theme or idea. Experiment is published under the auspices of the Institute of Modern Russian Culture at the University of Southern California.

Theme issues to date:
Vol. 23 - In Memoriam: Dmitry Vladimirovich Sarabyanov
Vol. 22 - A Stitch in Time: A Century of Russian Needlework and Fashion
Vol. 21 - СОХРАНИВШИЕСЯ ЧУДОМ: Письма из архива Ирины Миллер (1940-1947)
Vol. 20 - Kinetic Los Angeles: Russian Émigrés in the City of Self-Transformation
Vol. 19 - Demonocracy: The Satirical Journals of the 1905 Russian Revolution
Vol. 18 - Russian Sculpture
Vol. 17 - Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes
Vol. 16 - Leningrad Avant-garde
Vol. 15 - Siberian Modernism
Vol. 14 - The Wanderers
Vol. 13 - Vera Sudeikina
Vol. 12 - Cabaret
Vol. 11 - Pavel Filonov
Vol. 10 - Performing Arts and the Avant-garde
Vols. 8-9 - Vasilii Kandinsky
Vol. 7 - Art Nouveau
Vol. 6 - Organica
Vol. 5 - Khardzhiev Archive
Vol. 4 -The Apocalypse
Vol. 3 - The Russian Academy of Artistic Sciences
Vol. 2 - Artistic Movement in Russia in the 1910s and 1920s
Vol. 1 - Russian Avant-garde
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Internationale Zeitschrift für Konziliengeschichtsforschung
Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Johannes Grohe and Thomas Prügl
Founded in 1969 by Walter Brandmüller and Remigius Bäumer, the journal "Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum" has been published by Ferdinand Schöningh ever since 1971. Since its establishment more than forty years ago, the journal has become the most significant international forum for publications in the field of Council history. "Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum" targets (church) historians, theologians (esp. historians of theology), libraries as well as university institutes.
Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Länder deutscher Sprache
The journal "Archiv für Katholisches Kirchenrecht" was founded in 1856. It is the oldest canonist scientific periodical worldwide and it is published in two bound volumes per year a posteriori. In 1993 the journal was awarded with the Premio »Arturo Carlo Jemolo« not only because of its continuity and the abundance of articles but also because of the effort to maintain a constant cultural »aggiornamento« in the publication of mainly canonist writings.
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Biblische Zeitschrift, founded in 1903, is one of the leading international journals in Biblical Studies. Contributions are published in German, English and French. The primary aim of the journal is to further the understanding of the Biblical texts, both of the Old and the New Testament. Articles focus on philological or text-critical issues, raise questions of historical and cultural contextualisation or concentrate on literary, hermeneutical or theological issues – to name only a few of the relevant aspects. Each volume also contains book reviews to help scholars as well as everyone interested in Biblical Studies to keep informed in the ever-developing field of study.

Biblische Zeitschrift calls researchers to submit excellent monographs and conference volumes in German, English and French for its newly founded series Biblische Zeitschrift Supplements (BZ Sup).
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Canadian-American Slavic Studies is a peer reviewed quarterly journal. It publishes articles, essays, documents, illustrations and book reviews about Slavic and East European (including Albania, Hungary and Romania) culture, past and present, in a scholarly context, in all the categories of the humanities and social sciences. A special feature is publication of special issues devoted to topics of importance and to outstanding scholars in the field. In addition to English, the journal publishes contributions in Russian, French and German.
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Journal of the International Association for the Study of the Caucasus
Caucasus Survey is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal, publishing triannually and concerned with humanities research into the contemporary Caucasus – the independent states of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the North Caucasian republics and regions of the Russian Federation. Also covered are the de facto entities of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorny Karabakh; the autonomous republic of Kalmykia and southern regions of Russia neighbouring the Caucasus; Crimea; as well as selected issues relating to the Cossacks, the Meskhetian Turks, Nogais and Caucasian diasporas in Turkey, the Middle East and the Euro-Atlantic space. Caucasus Survey aims to advance an area studies tradition in the humanities and social sciences about and from the Caucasus, connecting this tradition with core disciplinary concerns in the fields of modern history, political science, anthropology, cultural and religious studies, political economy, human geography, conflict and peace studies, and sociology. Research covering Caucasus-related dimensions of Middle Eastern and European politics, society, culture and history also fall within the remit of the journal. Caucasus Survey publishes original research articles, review articles, policy discussions on strategic issues, interviews, biographical sketches, memoirs, archive documents, research notes, recent fieldwork narratives and book reviews.
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Editor-in-Chief: Marlene Laruelle
Central Asian Affairs is a peer-reviewed journal that is published quarterly. It aims to feature innovative social science research on contemporary developments in the wider Central Asian region. Its coverage includes Central Asia, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Xinjiang, neighboring powers (China, Iran, Pakistan, India, Russia, Turkey), and the role of leading international powers and donors in this region. Central Asian Affairs informs scholarly discourse and policy discussions on the region by engaging experts from across the academic arena, drawing on a diverse array of disciplines including political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, development studies, and security studies.
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Editors-in-Chief: Constantin Iordachi and Balazs Trencsenyi
Advisory Editor: Maciej Janowski
East Central Europe is a peer-reviewed journal of social sciences and humanities with a focus on the region between the Baltic and the Adriatic, published in cooperation with the Central European University. The journal seeks to maintain the heuristic value of regional frameworks of interpretation as models of historical explanation, transcending the nation-state at sub-national or trans-national level, and to link them to global academic debates. East Central Europe has an interdisciplinary orientation, combining area studies with history and social sciences, most importantly political science, sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies. It aims to stimulate the dialogue and exchange between scholarship produced in and on East-Central Europe and other area study traditions, in a global context. East Central Europe is made in close cooperation with Pasts, Inc. in Central European University (
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