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This article aims to highlight the importance trough space and time of the canonical legislation promoted by saint Caesarius, bishop of Arles, in Provence. It starts at the council of Agde, in 506, not convened by Caesarius but presided by him. The influence of that council should not be limited, as it is usual, to the five councils he directly gathered: Arles IV (524), Carpentras (527), Orange II (529), Vaison II (529) and Marseille (533). The first national council in the franc kingdom, Orléans I (511), as well as the first national council in the burgundian kingdom, Epaone (517), are largely tributaries of Agde. Moreover, the author comments more than 300 norms taken by something like 54 other councils, till the council of Trosly (909), which shows a clear filiation from Agde.

In: Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum