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Die Reihe ist abgeschlossen.

Poetische Dogmatik ist Theologie, gewonnen aus den poetischen Quellen des Christentums – Liturgie, Dichtung, Kunst. Gesänge, Gebete, Geschichten, Gedichte und Bilder werden aufgelesen und kommentiert. Die Stücke fügen sich zu thematischen Traktaten nach dem methodischen Modell der Liturgie zusammen, die ohne logischen Zwang aus überlieferten Elementen ein neues Ganzes bildet, eine prägnante Gestalt. Kohärenz der Darstellung in diesem Sinne erlaubt den alten Titel »Dogmatik«.
Die Reihe ist abgeschlossen.
Schöningh and Fink Biology E-Books Online, is the electronic version of the book publication program of Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh and Wilhelm Fink Verlag in the field of Biology.

Coverage: Botany, Carcinology, Entomology, Nematology, Perception and Behaviour, Zoology in general
Neue Folge. 2. Reihe: Forschungen zu Gregor von Nanzianz
Skripten & Artes (1978-2019)
Author: Heide Heinz
„CATWALK“ bietet eine Synopse der literaturwissenschaftlichen, schriftstellerischen und künstlerischen Arbeiten und Projekte von Heide Heinz von 1978–2019.
This series welcomes multidisciplinary research on the history of ancient and medieval anthropology broadly understood in terms of both its European heritage and its reception of, and engagement with, various cultural and intellectual traditions (e.g. in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Coptic, Syriac, Arabic etc.). This series encourages multidisciplinary studies of the various philological, textual, and archeological sources concerned with the development of anthropological theories in ancient medicine, philosophy, religion, and theology, as well as the subsequent theoretical and practical interactions between these theories. Particularly welcome are studies that emphasise the fundamental connection between different philosophical, scientific, and socio-cultural contexts where anthropological theories were produced and applied, and that analyse the implications of these theories in ethical, ascetic, ecological, gender, and political life from classical Antiquity up to the Middle Ages. Attempts to understand human beings as biological, physiological, religious, and socio-cultural entities persisted from Antiquity and are echoed in the establishing of the complex and multifarious European identity. In grasping this cross-cultural and diversified process, one is able to see the foundations of contemporary scientific, religious, and political discourses that treat the human being and how humanity relates to the world.
History, Societies & Cultures in Eurasia
Historical, socio-cultural, and political studies stretching from Eastern Europe to East Asia with the emphasis on cross-cultural encounter, empires and colonialism, gender and nationalities issues, various forms of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other religions from the Middle Ages to the end of the Soviet Union.

Until Volume 14, the series was published by Brill, click here.
The series published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.