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Figure 1 Painting on the Aesop Cup. A fox converses with Aesop. Painter of Bologna 417. Gregorian Etruscan Museum, the Vatican, inventory number 16552. Dated between 460–430 BCE. Image available here: Figure drawing of the painting by Francois Lissarrangue in “Aesop, between Man and Beast.” 76

Figure 2 John Rylands Papyrus 493 (Fragment B). This is the oldest manuscript of a fable collection, an orator’s repertorium, dated to the first half of the first century CE. Copyright of the University of Manchester. 84

Figure 3 The Assendelft Tablets (folio 7, recto). Babrian fables scratched into the backing of a schoolchild’s wax tablets, dating to the third century. CCY-BY license, Leiden University Libraries, BPG 109. 94

Figure 4 Bouriant Papyrus 1. 4th century CE. Folio 10 recto. Prologue of Babrius’s Fables, with staurogram in left upper margin indicating a Christian scribe. l’Institut de Papyrologie de la Sorbonne. 137

Figure 5 The Septuagint παραβολή as it is used in the Synoptic Gospels. Justin David Strong. 204

Figure 6 The Septuagint παραβολή as it is used in the Synoptic Gospels, with the fable form incorporated. Justin David Strong. 206

Figure 7 The genres to which the term παραβολή is applied in the Synoptic Gospels in proportion to each other. Justin David Strong. 206

Figure 8 Jülicher’s conception of parable categories. Justin David Strong. 214

Figure 9 Vouga’s description of “parable” and “fable” as they relate to Aristotle’s categories. Justin David Strong. 215

Figure 10 The folding and unfolding of proverbs and fables. Justin David Strong. 224

Figure 11 Jesus’s Fables in an Icelandic Liturgy. Manuscript 622/1868–212 in the Sarpur collection: “Leaf from a vellum manuscript of fables in Latin from the New Testament, and musical notation for a Latin song, 13th century, from Svarfaðardal.” Justin David Strong. 242

Figure 12 Babrius, Fab. 14.4–16.4 on the Mount Athos manuscript. Copyright British Library Board Add. MS 22087 (folio 8, recto). 498

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The Fables of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

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