The Living Dead

Ecclesiastes through Art
1. Aufl. 2018, 231 Seiten, 13 s/w Abb., 96 farb. Abb., Franz. Broschur
ISBN: 978-3-506-73276-7
EUR 29.90 / CHF 36.80

Informationen zum Buch

The book of Ecclesiastes, one of the books of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), is thought by most to have been written around the third century BCE. Its influence has been enduring and far-reaching. Its sentiments are so universal that they remain relevant and thought provoking even today. What is the meaning of life? For what purpose do we exist?

In ­The Living Dead: Ecclesiastes through Art, visitors are invited to explore the main themes from the book of Ecclesiastes through the visual aid of artworks spanning from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries. Featuring European masterpieces from many major museums and collections worldwide, the exhibition invites guests to contemplate universal ideas. 

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