The Church, Transnational Land Deals and Empowering Local Communities in Northern Ghana

A Christian Socio-ethical Perspective
1. Aufl. 2018, XVI + 229 Seiten, 1 s/w Grafik, 1 s/w Karte, kart.
ISBN: 978-3-506-78841-2
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Schriften des Instituts für Christliche Sozialwissenschaften. Neue Folge
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Imagine having a property that your family has been building for generations. One day, a foreign company submits documents and demands ownership of the land. What should the village community do about it?
In Ghana, land has increasingly become an object of trade as a result of new growing, agriculture-based value chains for global biofuel markets. The ethical choices we make about land and its use are at the core of this book. It investigates the challenges of land acquisition for biofuels production exploring the concept of empowerment and Christian ethics within the socio-political power settings of the people of Northern Ghana. It thus considers the historical, theological, ethical and sociological foundations of the Ghanaian land issue.

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