Marketing, Sales & Press


In our marketing and sales department and in the press/reviews section, we work daily to increase the visibility of your title and to reach the appropriate target groups in the best possible way. In doing so, we use established instruments such as printed advertising material in forms of flyers and brochures and make use of the diverse possibilities of digital distribution, e.g. newsletters and social media. Our network helps us to place your publication efficiently in the relevant places.

The book trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is visited twice a year by our sales representatives, who provide comprehensive information about our program. Internationally, we benefit from our affiliation with Brill and therefore have extensive sales contacts, especially in the institutional and library sectors.

This is what we do for your book:

Advertising Material print

Our experience shows that high-quality printed advertising material is still one of the most effective tools when it comes to increasing the visibility of your publication. In addition to the digital channels, we therefore rely on our novelty catalog and our subject catalogs to promote your work. We will be happy to provide you with printed and electronic marketing materials so that you can promote your book at conferences or other events and distribute it in your environment.

Novelty Catalog

Twice a year we announce all currently planned titles in detail in our novelty catalog. Our catalog is released in cooperation with the publishers Wilhelm Fink and mentis as well as in cooperation with Brill, which further increases the reach. It is still an important information medium for the book trade and is also sent to selected (specialist) media, libraries, private customers and our authors in print or electronic version.

Subject Catalogs

In our subject catalogs we present all current titles of a subject area. The handy brochures are used at trade fairs and other events, where they are displayed either our booth or are distributed as a supplement in the conference folder. In addition, we send them to our readers and display them in institutions and bookstores.

Book Flyer

For every book published by us, we create a flyer you can use for your own advertising activities, e.g. in the context of a book presentation. The flyers are also used at events on relevant topics.


We maintain extensive connections to relevant specialist media, magazines and feature pages, which we regularly inform about new publications and which closely follow our program. Printed or electronic review copies are of course available free of charge. Our press newsletter is sent regularly to all relevant contacts, and mailings on specific occasions are also possible for individual titles. We are also pleased to take your suggestions into account and invite relevant experts to a review when your book is published.


We advertise selected publications or series in magazines, specialist journals or event catalogs relevant to the topic in order to reach the right audience.

Digital Activities

In order to present and advertise your title in the best possible way, we use the diverse opportunities offered by digital marketing. These include our website, newsletters and mailings to various target groups as well as our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.


The appearance on our website is the digital business card of your title. Here we give your book a lot of space: In addition to the cover, marketing textand bibliographic data, our website also provides information about you as the author, a reading sample, the table of contents and our advertising flyer for download.


With our Newsletter we regularly reach a broad network of customers and multipliers. Differentiated according to specialist areas, it provides information about our new publications as well as events and other news from our publishing house.

Social Media

In today's digital world, communication and networking take place to a large extent in social media. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, where we are in lively exchange with our authors, readers, relevant (specialist) media and other multipliers. We use our social media channels to provide information on new publications and upcoming events and to distribute reviews of our books or valuable news from the professional world. We are also pleased to share your contributions and thus help you to reach even more people. Of course, you also have the option of sharing our titles in the social media with just one click on our website.