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The international bipolar system was replaced by a multipolar system with new centres of power after the disintegration of the USSR. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Baltic Sea Region has been occupying an important place in the foreign policy of the Baltic Sea countries. One of the most important challenges for Russian diplomacy after 1991 was the development of economic and political relationships with the Baltic states and Baltic organizations and institutions. After the Eastern Bloc had been dismantled, the Kaliningrad Region became an area open to cooperation with other countries, both on the regional and local levels. Attempts to create the Russian “Hong Kong on the Baltic Sea” in the Kaliningrad Region have not yielded results so far. But on the other hand, the Russian exclave is no longer seen solely through the prism of military factors. Poland and other countries in the region do not question the current political or legal status of the Kaliningrad Region.

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