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The paper focuses on the problem of identity and its determinants of the inhabitants of the Polish-Russian borderland. The state of research on the identity of the inhabitants of the Kaliningrad Region and the Warmia and Mazury Region (Western, Russian and Polish scientists) is reviewed. The concept of the borderland in the context of the cross-border cooperation idea is presented. The short history and uniqueness of the new Polish-Russian borderland is analysed with compact reference to the heritage of the earlier German and then Soviet influence. The specific features of the Regions (the Kaliningrad Region and the Warmia and Mazury Region) in the context of regional identity are emphasised. The features and determinants of the newly formed self-perception and regional identity are characterised (among others official symbols, place names, historical writings, attitude to the state and homeland) in the perspective of the common European space (European Union) and Polish-Russian bilateral relations. Such approach is connected with presentation of the concept of regional identity and the “positive legend” on the Polish-Russian borderland.

In: The Kaliningrad Region
In: The Kaliningrad Region
A Specific Enclave in Contemporary Europe
The main objective of the book is a multi-aspect analysis of the functioning of the Kaliningrad Region in contemporary political reality, both in internal and international dimensions.

The area constitutes a unique enclave in contemporary Europe, being the only part of Russia separated from the mother country, which determines the taking place therein in the dimension of relations: bilateral, multilateral (e.g. EU - Russia, NATO - Russia, Baltic Sea Region cooperation) as well as regional and local cooperation. The book is a result of many years’ work of scientists from Poland, Russia and Sweden, who have been researching the functioning of the Kaliningrad Region in internal and external dimensions.

It is a ‘must to read’ volume for all EU-Russia observers and experts.” - Prof. Dr. Piotr Dutkiewicz, Director of the Center for Governance and Public Management, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
It is an invaluable guide to analysing and understanding contemporary Russia.” - Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Dvorak, Head of the Department of Public Administration and Political Sciences, Klaipėda University, Klaipėda, Lithuania