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Interest in the theology of the different Septuagint (LXX) books is vastly growing. In order to examine whether the LXX books reflect a different theology than the Masoretic Text (MT), I have recently analysed the additional attestations of ὁ θεός and ὁ κύριος in LXX Job and Proverbs without counterpart in MT (see Revue Biblique 128/4 [2021]; Louvain Studies 43/4 [2021] and Vetus Testamentum [forthcoming]). These studies, which focus on explicit differences between the Hebrew and the Greek text, have proven to be successful in describing (1) the (more nuanced) theology and (2) translation technique of both books.

This article examines the Hebrew divine אֱלוֹהַּ in Job without a counterpart in the LXX in order to contribute to a deeper understanding of the theology and translation technique of LXX Job.

In: Biblische Zeitschrift