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Vat. Gr. 2306 + Vat. Gr. 2061A + Crypt. A.δ.XXIII are bis rescripti palimpsests. The first layer comprises Classical and Christian texts: a very ancient testimony of Strabo’s Geography, a Greek collection of laws, and the New Testament texts; the second layer contains a copy of the Nomocanon; and the third layer preserves fragments of the Pentateuch and Gregory of Nazianzus’ Orations together with the scholia of Pseudo-Nonnus of Panopolis. The article explores this intricate textual case, wherein Classical texts travelled together with Christian writings. I will concentrate on the provenance of the manuscripts and the rationale behind their textual transmission.

In: Christian Discourse in Late Antiquity
Hermeneutical, institutional and textual perspectives
The purpose of the volume is to explore how specific historical and socio-cultura conditions of late antiquity shaped the development of Christian thought.
The authors of the volume analyse various aspects of these conditions, particularly those of a textual and institutional nature, as they are reflected in the hermeneutic and philosophical principles of Christian discourse. This focus sheds new light on unexplored features of Christian literature, such as the influence of manuscript culture, early church institutions and practices, exegetical techniques, and philosophical curricula.