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Insulting the person and dignity of the ruler (lèse-majesté) was considered a state crime in 19th-century Russia and was investigated across the empire. This article draws on a small sample of cases from provincial archives to examine how factors of ethnicity and religion affected the way such cases were reported in local communities as well as how they were then investigated and prosecuted by state authorities.

In: Russian History
History, Societies & Cultures in Eurasia
Historical, socio-cultural, and political studies stretching from Eastern Europe to East Asia with the emphasis on cross-cultural encounter, empires and colonialism, gender and nationalities issues, various forms of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other religions from the Middle Ages to the end of the Soviet Union.

Until Volume 14, the series was published by Brill, click here.
The series published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.