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Hitler’s DNA. Franz NeuN has to flee across all of Europe under the protection of Theo Baker to escape from the murderous SS. Initially published as a one-shot (single-episode) manga in early 2017, NeuN was subsequently continued as a series. 5 The manga taps into the legend of Wewelsburg Castle as a

In: Myths of Wewelsburg Castle

. Be that as it may, the governing period of the ethnically mixed party coalition vmro - dpmne - dui (2008–2017) revived the practices of street manifestations of disagreement with the executive, both along and across ethnic lines. 2 The end of this coalition’s governing period was marked by two

In: Southeastern Europe

Activism and the Making of Europe: A Rainbow Europe? , while examining how the eu instrumentalizes queer rights in the service of eu enlargement, neglect the differences of how these discourses figure in Muslim majority countries in Eastern Europe. Moreover, studies of how Islamophobia figures in

In: Southeastern Europe

highly successful literacy campaigns launched throughout the 1920s across the vast territories of the new Soviet state. 17 In many regions, non-Russians were taught to read in Russian as well as in their native language, thus laying the foundations for a new brand of nation building in the imperial mold

In: Growing Out of Communism

, Maine, where Ned retired with his soul mate, Judy. This arc spans the rich experience of Harvard in between and resonates with an interesting Russian etymology that Ned, as a lover of language, would have appreciated. The Russian word for arc, дуга , is contained within the word for rainbow, радуга

In: Canadian-American Slavic Studies

are placed on each leaf. Lone shaman’s tree, Four books of the shamans, 324 Ongɣod on each branch, They are placed on each leaf. White Tireng 325 spirit, With a homeland in the sand dunes, in the south, You, who are buried 326 in an elm tree, Come down across the white path

In: Qorčin Mongol Shamans and Their Songs

-states. As Kahlina (2015: 75) argues, “the tendency to pinpoint the issue of discrimination on the grounds of sexuality in the region of Eastern Europe had the effect of making the same issue relatively invisible in other parts of Europe”. While the status of lgbt rights varies across the eu in which

In: Southeastern Europe

rose Is as is the height from earth to the moon. 170 Then they curved into regular rainbows Across the blessed celestial regions . And fell back into the airy ocean On the four sides of heavenly limits. Worlds called into being by the Creator 175 Out of depths of non-existence, 22 Out of chaos, as

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, general weakness, and vacillation of character, which were thought to result from entering the water at the moment the rainbow drank from it. In such cases, the Abkhazian prayer woman and her female assistants performed a special ceremony which included the stretching of a length of twine across a

In: Christ Came Forth from India

of all colors of the rainbow, and called out their titles supplying them with jokes and humorous catchphrases. Initially, the public was buying these journals with great enthusiasm, until it got tired of their unvarying content. The journal “Zritel” (Spectator), edited by Artsybushev and soon

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