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1 Introduction Over the last two decades, interest in studying state regulation of organized civil society has increased across various disciplines in the social sciences. 1 The term “organized civil society,” as used in this study, refers to a wide variety of civil society organizations

In: Central Asian Affairs

2020. 2 While the overall project was broader in scope, 3 the articles in this special issue concentrate on civil society development and security dynamics, emphasizing the significance of the interrelations between the two fields for polities, policies, and politics in Central Asia. In Political

In: Central Asian Affairs

1 Introduction Civil society is defined as a group of people who are combined to achieve common goals and who operate free from government control. 1 Civil society is seen as an integral component of democratization 2 of societies as well as a “healthy” component of established

In: Central Asian Affairs
Author: Chiara Pierobon

Asia. 13 According to this approach, civil society organizations ( CSO s), which are “better placed, more credible and more knowledgeable and experienced in working with specific groups,” would play a pivotal role in helping to “identify and address the grievances that make individuals more vulnerable

In: Central Asian Affairs

Towards an “uncivil” society? Informality and civil society in Georgia Tatia Chikhladzea and Huseyn Aliyevb aResearch Centre for East European Studies, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany; bCentral and Eastern European Studies, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK ABSTRACT Since the early 1990s

In: Caucasus Survey

In his fourth presidential inauguration on May 7 2018, Vladimir Putin claimed that the foundation for developing the country lays in the ‘harmonious unity of free citizens, of a responsible civil society, and of a strong, effective, and democratic government’. 1 At first glance, the emphasis

In: Russian Politics

1 Introduction 2019 will go down in the modern Russian history and the history of domestic media as the time of social solidarization – the consolidation of subjects in the conditions of forming a developed civil society in the country by the increasing role of the communicative and

In: Russian Politics
Author: Adam Fagan

developing political and economic systems similar to their neighbours in Western Europe. As was the case elsewhere across Eastern Europe and the former USSR, much of the aid was channelled through civil society (or what was deemed to represent a fledgling civil society in countries with little or no

In: Southeastern Europe
Author: Kathryn Hendley

Civil society has become increasingly muted as Putin has reconsolidated his grip on Russia following his 2012 election. 1 The branding of groups that displease the Kremlin as foreign agents has chilled the desire of many Russians to speak out or demonstrate. The hostile environment contributed

In: Russian Politics

Those who seek to understand the general condition of civil society in contemporary Russia soon realize that there is no scholarly consensus on this subject. While many commentators report that increased restrictions imposed by the state place a heavy burden on nongovernmental organizations ( NGO

In: Russian Politics