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1 Introduction Embedded in the contemporary paradigm of Western sustainable development are implicit assumptions about what constitutes deficiency to human well-being requiring transformative action. Such altruistic rationale is likewise embedded in “religious” development agencies. Yet, as

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In: Religion and Development

scrutinizes well-being in Uzbekistan from the standpoint of emotional contentedness, drawing on my fieldwork experiences in Uzbekistan beginning in the early 1990s and extending through 2010. In this essay I consider local and particular aspects of physical and behavioral health as I understand how people in

In: Central Asian Affairs

? How was their well-being defined? Who contributed to this well-being, and how? What sort of sources speak of women’s goods? These are the questions that I shall try to answer in the first part, by examining local and regional sources, but also through corroboration with other studies dedicated to the

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In: Changing Subjects, Moving Objects

Tomas Matza, Shock Therapy: Psychology, Precarity, and Well-Being in Postsocialist Russia (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2018), 305 pp., $26.95 (pb), 9780822370765. Reflecting on the rising popularity of psychotherapeutic help in post-Soviet Russia when the so-called shock therapy—a set

In: The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review

Alison, K. Smith, For the Common Good and Their Own Well-Being: Social Estates in Imperial Russia . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. xii + 278 pp. ISBN 978-0-19997-817-5. $ 74.00. In the early eighteenth century, as the imperial Russian autocracy sought to categorize its

In: Canadian-American Slavic Studies

-building vision that recognized the virtues of self-organized social orders that have arisen or maintained themselves in an environment of state weakness may be one of few sources of hope for improving citizens’ sense of future well-being. The logic of efforts to build a state in Afghanistan produced an

In: Central Asian Affairs

we fight poverty and oppose the unfair conditions of the present, we are not just promoting human well-being; we are also furthering man’s spiritual and moral development, and hence we are benefiting the whole human race” ( Populorum progressio 76). The perspective of the poor is present from the

In: Doing Climate Justice

, Bulgaria is being affected too. Against the backdrop of these macro-trends, this article looks at how Bulgaria has interacted with the outside world over the past three decades. It traces the influence of external players as well as the projection of decisions and policies from the country towards its

In: Southeastern Europe

communicating the change in political alliance that the Vandals had operated to the Ostrogoths. 35 This facet of women could also be the opposite of a peaceweaver, because, instead of promoting peace, well-being and harmony, according to the sources, many of these queens did the opposite, thus plotting

In: Mujeres imperiales, mujeres reales

’s physical well-being. There were therapeutic spas near springs and rivers in Greece, communal bathhouses in high traffic areas of cities, and baths adjacent to sanctuaries as an added luxury for visitors. 29 The typical Greek bath in the classical age was not fully immersive, however. Bathers would sit

In: Journal of Ancient Judaism