In: Judith Butler and Theology
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A book is never written by just one person; it always owes a lot to the many thoughts and ideas in the environment, and to the active support of people who have helped – to all of whom I am deeply indebted.

First, special thanks to Dr. Maren Behrensen, who made the publication of this book possible with her first translation of the text. I would never have started such a project without her cooperation. Despite all its integrity, a translation always means changing a text.

My second very special thanks to Dr. David West, who not only edited and corrected the text with great care and knowledge, but also made every effort to ensure that “my voice” was not lost in this process and was preserved in the text. Without his support, this project would not have come to fruition.

In 2016, I was awarded the PhD prize of the University of Münster. I would like to thank the University and especially Katja Kunterding-Röhrs, who administered the funds and made it possible for me to use them in an uncomplicated way. This financial support not only flowed into the present project, but also enabled me to attend international conferences. The discussions there gave me the idea of writing this book.

I would also like to thank the Research Commission of the University of Lucerne for the generous financial support that made it possible to have the text proofread and edited professionally.

My thanks also go to the publisher Brill/Schöningh. The idea for this book took shape in a conversation with my editor. The opportunity to base the first part of this book on a revised version of a chapter of my doctoral thesis on Judith Butler, published by Schöningh in 2017, made my work much easier.

Finally, I would like to thank my former student assistant Lena Greb, who spent many busy hours checking and correcting quotations and footnotes.

Lucerne, November 2020

Anna Maria Riedl