The Careers of Calvinist Stipendiaries from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 17th Century. The Example of Gabriel Dyjakiewicz

in Lithuanian Historical Studies
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This article applies to a minister of the Calvinist Church in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Gabriel Dyjakiewicz (1660–1724), who became the superintendent of Unitas Lithuaniae (the Lithuanian Brethren) in the Podlasie district and proved to be a remarkable figure. His career was launched successfully thanks to the scholarships given to him. The text is primarily based on memoirs written by him of almost his whole life, and archival documents in the collection of the Reformed Synod, mainly held by the Wróblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in Vilnius. The education of Dyjakiewicz consisted of several stages: first, only a twoyear study in the Grammar school in Slutsk, where he received a private scholarship for further education, this time in Protestant university centres. Second, studies at the University of Königsberg and the University of Leiden. In the last case, Dyjakiewicz most likely benefited from a scholarship which he had received from Unitas Lithuaniae. The author briefly characterises both the nature of the grammar school and the two universities, and the obligations which rested on bursary holders. The rest of the article is devoted to the professional and public activities of Dyjakiewicz.


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