Changing Subjects, Moving Objects

Status, Mobility, and Social Transformation in Southeastern Europe, 1700–1850


Constanţa Vintilă
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This is a book about people caught between home and abroad, crossing imperial boundaries in southeastern Europe at the beginning of the modern age.
Through a series of life stories, which the author reconstructs with the aid of many new sources, readers discover how certain men and women defined and adapted their loyalties and affiliations, how they fashioned their identities, how they enrolled their linguistic, political, economic, and social resources to build a family and a career. Travelling between Istanbul, Vienna, Trieste, Moscow, Bucharest, or Iaşi, individuals of different backgrounds built their networks across borders, linking people and objects and facilitating cultural transfer and material and social change.

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Constanţa Vintilă is a Senior Researcher at the Nicolae Iorga Institute of History in Bucharest. She is the editor of “Women, Consumption, and the Circulation of Ideas in South-Eastern Europe, 17th–19th Centuries” (Brill, 2017) and author of many books and articles on southeast European social and cultural history in the early modern era.
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