Family and Identity in the Book of Judges


Bruno J. Clifton examines Israel's family dynamics and identity politics in the dramatic narratives of Judges in an interdisciplinary study that brings socio-anthropological research into dialogue with the history and culture of ancient Israel. This monograph discusses the social experiences and interactions through which people in Israel might have viewed their place in the world. Institutions such as hospitality, marriage and community leadership are examined and the ethnicity, culture, social landscape, family life, and literature of ancient Israel are explored with a view to determining what impact the understanding of identity has on the interpretation of the stories in the Book of Judges.

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Bruno J. Clifton is Vice Regent and Senior Research Fellow of Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford where he teaches the Old Testament and Biblical Languages and for the MTh in Applied Theology. His research interests include the socio-cultural contextualization of biblical texts, in particular the Hebrew Bible’s Former Prophets, and the contribution of critical biblical scholarship to theology.